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March 16, 1971, Lugovskaya, Khanty-Mansi autonomous okrug, Tyumen oblast, Russian.F.S.R. He was also minister of automobile transport and highways (1953-54) and first deputy premier (1954-61). He was the presidential candidate of his New Patriotic Party in 1996 and was praised at home and abroad for congratulating Rawlings on his victory in the election. He was a member of the Serbian parliament from 1990 to 1997. He was also Soviet/Russian ambassador to Rwanda (1990-94). He became the first Christian Democratic prime minister of Norway when he formed a three-party minority coalition in 1972; his government resigned when the opposition socialists won a majority in the 1973 parliamentary elections. He was also minister to Greece (1926-31 Romania (1931-33 Yugoslavia (1933-35 and Switzerland (1940-44). Kurz Kurz, Sebastian (b.

When his father, Adam Kok II, died in 1835, there was a succession dispute between him and his older brother Abraham. 29, 1948, Frunze, Kirgiz.S.R. March 19, 1937, Kolberg, Germany now Kolobrzeg, Poland chairman of the Council of State of East Germany (1989). Kvirikashvili Kvirikashvili, Giorgi (b. She was also a deputy prime minister and minister of family, veterans' affairs, and intergenerational solidarity (2003-09). 21,.S., 1904,. He was also chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldavian.S.S.R. He was permanent representative to the United Nations (1998-2003) and ambassador to Denmark (2004-07). He was governor of the National Bank of Yugoslavia (1951-53 president of the People's Assembly (1967-74) and of the Presidency (1974-79) of Slovenia, and president of the Presidency of Yugoslavia (1981-82). He has been ambassador to Canada (2014-16) and permanent representative to the United Nations (2016- ).

Unable to obtain a majority in parliament, he governed by emergency decrees. He was also first secretary of the party committees of Kashkadarya (1952-56) and Andizhan (1956-61) oblasti. He was elected a member of the Shaanxi People's Government after 1949. He was also minister of labour and administration (2000-01 president of the Storting (2001-05 and auditor general (2005-13). Milosevic was initially unwilling to accept defeat, but as it became clear that he was being abandoned by government agencies, including the police, he announced on October 6 that he would step down.

Despite topping the poll with 24 of the 100 seats in parliament, the newly formed People's Party was frozen out of coalition talks, mainly because of animosities over Skele's confrontational style. In response, he fiercely criticized Pres. He was chargé d'affaires at the United Nations (2006-07) and ambassador to Estonia (2010-17). Klingenberg, Odd (Sverressøn) (b. June 15, 1930, Paris finance minister (1910-11, 1911-13, 1917-20) and interior minister (1913) of France. He immigrated with his family to Palestine in 1925, joining his uncle Abraham Isaac Kook, who became the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Israel. Kuwatli Kuwatli, Shukri al-, also spelled Shukri al-Quwwatli (b. He became a revolutionary activist and was nominated as vice-speaker of the Shaanxi Provisional Council. He was born into the Fujiwara family that had been connected with the imperial house since the dawn of modern Japanese history (the name Konoe itself means "imperial guard. 1, 1969, Rome Theodora (b.

His grandson Caio Koch-Weser (b. 24, 2015, India Tanzanian politician. Both were dismissed from the party, charged with sedition, and sentenced to three years in prison. Kuvshinnikov Kuvshinnikov, Oleg (Aleksandrovich) (b. foreign minister of Ukraine (2012-14). But in May 1927 he called his National Republicans together again and reentered politics. Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavsinhji (Gohil Sir (b. A book in which he had expressed his political views had been burned by the Nazis eight days after its publication.

22, 1874, Kiev, Russia now in Ukraine -. He was also chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (1997-2004). Rulers, klaasesz, Jan (b. Kolélas's Ninja militia rallied to Lissouba in October. On his return to Ghana, he worked at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and later at the Ridge hospital. Koerber Koerber, Ernest von (b.


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22, 1968 governor of Pskov oblast (2004-09). He has been permanent representative to the United Nations (2001-06, 2015- ) and ambassador to Belgium (2011-15). Kokov, Yury (Aleksandrovich) (b. Kozyrev, Andrey (Vladimirovich) (b. 15, 1914, Randers, Denmark -. May 25, 1964, Engels, Saratov oblast, Russian.F.S.R. He never spoke to Nixon again. May 10, 1767 -. 12, 1914, Sveti Nikole, Serbia now in Macedonia -. He continued to practice after his enstoolment, and was able to make a start on the modernization of the government hospital at Kyebi.

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He was permanent representative to the United Nations (1993-97). In Macedonia he was secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (1941-63 prime minister (1945-53 and president of the People's badoo treffit seksi seuraa helsinki Assembly (1953-62 and, following Tito's death, he was the first president of the new rotating presidency of Yugoslavia (1980). 14, 1953, Bergen finance minister of Norway (1912-13, 1926-28). head of Zhambyl oblast (2013-18). April 11, 2016 finance minister of the Kirgiz.S.R./Kyrgyzstan (1986-92). In 2005 he expressed his opposition to the Gaza Strip disengagement as "giving in to Arab terrorist pressure." Kristioglo, Ivan (b. June 6 May 25,.S., 1888, Omsk, Russia -. He was also minister of justice, information, and posts and telecommunications (1985-88) and information and justice (1988-89) and ombudsman (1992-95).